Customise your tour.

The idea is to have all your tours defined and categorised in the “Tour Manager Module”. Then give your guest the option to mix and match tours to build a custom package.

This form will only list a “Tour/Excursion” if the “Include Custom” field is set to “yes” in the tour definition page, the tour is published and the category is visible.

If a tour has a scheduled departure, it will be noted as such.

The selected tours and other details will be emailed to the default email address set in the website.

This functionality is still under development...

please include your international dialing code

please give us an indication where in the world you are

please give us an indication of how many days you want you want to spend with us

please give us an indication of your budget available

You will receive a copy of this booking request, please check your spam-box if you do not receive a copy within 4 hours.

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